The course uses statistics as a methodology for interpreting and drawing conclusions from collected data. Everything that deals even remotely with the collection, processing, interpretation, and presentation of data belongs to the domain of statistics, and so does the detailed planning of that precedes all these activities.


The students that complete will achieve a document that is a part of the education for skilled workers on level Tec 1 (International level ISCED 2011: level 2, first year).


The program described in this document is a 6-month program (embedded in the vocational programs) giving skills that make the student able to understand the statistics and use it in the practical life:


Introduction weeks       4 weeks

Course weeks              20 weeks


Tec 1 Theoretical and practical tasks: 

  • Video instructions and tests
  • Theoretical studies



Click on the link below to see the details of the course (for the introduction weeks)

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