The program develop modern skills in the field of smart phone repair, including everything from basic smart phone repair to advanced troubleshooting.


6-month program…

The program will give the students skills to repair smartphones including its hardware and software.

The widespread ownership and use of smartphones has created a need for professionals who can repair and service the phones. This program has been developed to address that need. The program targets people who would like to start and run a mobile repair and servicing business. By the end of this course, you should be able to disassemble and assemble a mobile phone, diagnose the problem, service and repair a mobile phone with the help of proper tools and instruments.


The students that complete will achieve a diploma as smartphones technician level Tec 1 (International level ISCED 2011: level 2, first year).


The program described in this document is a 6-month program giving skills that make the student able to repair smartphones including its hardware and software:

Introduction weeks        4 weeks

Course weeks              20 weeks




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  1. Where are the details regarding the Smartphone course? Is the course for real? How does one enroll in the course?

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