Masonry construction involves creating a building, wall, floor or other structure with bricks, concrete blocks or stone. Cement mortar or grout holds the masonry units together. Masonry construction is affordable, durable, and resistant to fire and mold.

6-month program…

The program will give the students skills that make them able to build residential houses.

Masonry apprenticeship is for individuals who pride themselves in their artistic abilities and who wish to earn a good living while performing their craft. In an earn-while-you-learn structure, the apprentice learns on the job as well as in the classroom and from short videos on the smartphone. The program consists of hands-on training combined with classroom instruction and videos with the focus on basic masonry skills.

The students that complete will achieve a diploma as bricklayer level Tec 1 (International level ISCED 2011: level 2, first year).

This program is a 6-month program giving skills that make the student able to build residential houses:

Introduction weeks        4 weeks

Course weeks           20 weeks



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